Friday, 30 June 2017

Gorilla writing

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WAlT write a non chronological report
Remember to use:
  • an opening paragraph explain what your report is about.
  • headings and subheadings for the main body.
  • an closing paragraph, recapping on what you have written.
  • Pictures, maps etc with captions to explain what they are.
Remember to use faction not opinions.

The Mighty GorillaImage result for Africa map where gorillas live
Gorillas are animals that live in Africa. They can live in the Congo, Rwanda and lots of other places that have forests. We have a big responsibility to look after them.

What do Gorillas look like?
The gorilla is huge with large heads and can be up to 6 feet (1.80cms) tall. Gorillas have really strong muscles that can help them climb huge mountains and walls. They have arms that are longer than legs. Gorillas have thick trunks like a panda. Gorillas are coloured black most of the times. They can live for 50 years.
Gorillas Diet
Gorillas eat loads of food like stems, bamboo, shoots, and also fruits. Gorillas don't eat meat because they are vegetarian but some lowland gorillas have learnt to eat termites and caterpillars.

Gorillas habitat
Gorillas live up high in African forests, high on mountain tops. as  high as 10,000 feet up. The gorillas live where it is cloudy, misty and cold. Some live lower down the mountain in warm forests.
Gorillas Behavior
The gorillas have good behaviour, they only get into trouble if threatened. The silverbacks are the leaders of a troop. In a troop or family you will find lots of females and their babies. Gorillas mostly play and make nests in trees to sleep in. They have good smelling and hearing.

Gorillas are delightful animals. They play with each other, and it's really cool because they can even communicate with each other with sign language. I think that humans have a huge responsibility to look after these incredible animals.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Forces Treasure Hunt

This is my work doing forces treasure hunt hope you enjoy!

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Green Week

Don't leave rubbish on the ground recycle it! by Alyzae BROWN FAINU'U Here is a canva post for green week!!

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Samoan language week

Here is a thing-link for Samoan language week.