Friday, 19 October 2018

Roll a story

In Room 25 we have been learning how to write narratives and what to include in our narratives here is my story I wrote.

Character: A fire-breathing dragon
Setting: Inside a hidden cave
Problem: Got lost in space

The moon started to show as the fire breathing dragon glided away from home. As time goes by the poor dragons wings were getting tired, suddenly he collaps into a hidden, dark, misty cave. Looking around he couldn't see anything so he crawled around in the cave and suddenly he saw a light.

Sprinting past it the fire breathing dragon felt like his wings were trying to lead him somewhere his wings made the fire breathing dragon fly high up. The dragon was confused, he didn't know where he was there where thousands and thousands of bright, white, stars. He tried flying down but the fluffy clouds were in the way and it was to foggy that he couldn't even go home. When the moon went down and the sun started to rise the dragon quickly flew like flash down through the clouds and down he went back to his dragon family.

I'm going to add a picture later


  1. Hey Alyzae, It's me Ileana from room 7. I really liked your blog post about the roll a story your one was really interesting.I have three questions though was the hidden cave on earth and if it was how did the cave on earth get to the stars in space oh and uh are there clouds in space?Anyways I really enjoyed your story it was really good.Also if you would like to check out my blog go to blog you later (so cringy)

    1. Kia Ora, Ileana, your three questions were really interesting. Was the hidden cave on earth and if it was how did the cave on earth get to the stars in space? Well yes the hidden cave was on earth under the ground. The dragon got in space by his wings playing up and making him fly up as it says in the story. There are no clouds in space but as the fire breathing dragon flew down he was out of space and that's where the clouds came from. What was your favourite part in my roll a story.

      Blog you later,


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