Friday, 30 November 2018

My visual description

This week for writing we have been describing an animal so that another person can try drawing the animal you had already drawn. The best part about doing it to me was drawing the animal. 
 Do you think you can draw my animal? 

 Read the clues on the second page.


  1. Hello
    I am Alodia from room 8. I really thought that your first page is very interesting. Were you supposed to describe your picture of the baby shark or were you describing a normal baby shark, because normal baby sharks don't have pink cheeks. If you want to see my blog here is the thing you need to type in.

    1. Hi Alodia thank you for commenting on my blog. I was describing the picture so you could try draw it, if your wondering why my baby shark had pink cheeks its because in my class we had to search up an animal and draw it.

      Blog you later,


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